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We provide innovative, educative and transformational training and development for individuals, teams and organisations to optimise personal and professional performance, leadership skills and organisational development.

Our company, Riverside Education, benefited from Susanne's expertise during its inception. Susanne helped us put all systems in place on how to process exams and utilise time effectively. As a result of Susanne's support, we have doubled the size of our company. Riverside is built on a family ethos that as family members, we can disagree a lot but still maintain our unity of purpose. Susanne has helped us to realise our potential through group and individual coaching. This has resulted in our school offering 16 qualifications compared to 9 in 2015. Through Susanne's vision, our students are now experiencing a broader curriculum and are happier in school. Our staff are more confident and feel secure in their jobs. Susanne has made us realise how much we stretch and push ourselves with amazing results. We are no longer afraid to change."

Dr Abide Zenenga, Founder of Riverside Education & Special Education Needs Consultant


"Susanne from DiscoverChange Ltd has been our quality assurer helping our tutors and staff develop training and assessment skills after obtaining new standards. Susanne is knowledgeable and professional and there have definitely been positive changes since we started collaborating. Susanne can deliver engaging and professional training aimed at improving work performance and she’s able to make concise recommendations to improve individuals’ professional development. The whole experience has been massively helpful. Susanne has been very thorough in the feedback that she has given, looking at all of our areas of assessment and helping us to make our assessment methods more robust. We've really valued her training of all staff and I feel that staff are better prepared to assess appropriately since Susanne's input. I would recommend Susanne to another organisation!"

—  Emma D, English Teacher and Head of Quality Assurance

What is Change Management? 

Change management is a structured approach for ensuring that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented, and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved.

The focus of change management is on the wider impacts of change, particularly on people and how they, as individuals and teams, move from the current situation to the new one as efficiently as possible.


The change can range from simple process change, to major changes in the structure, roles, strategy, systems, policy or culture. At DiscoverChange Ltd we are specialised in supporting staff at all levels to go through the changes systematically, maintaining the highest levels of productivity, collaboration and growth.

How Can We Help?

We facilitate change projects through a systematic approach that ensures the change is thoroughly, smoothly and lastingly implemented. The process generally includes to:


  • Clearly define specific change management objectives

  • Evaluate and address employee/stakeholder engagement and satisfaction

  • Engage senior executive level for effective planning and implementation

  • Gain buy-in from all those involved directly or indirectly

  • Build organisational readiness to adapt to the changes

  • Design and facilitate bespoke training and development for employees

  • Leverage individual and team strengths through psychometrics

  • Effectively communicate and reinforce changes and improvements

Susanne regularly delivers professional training workshops to the students of University of Wolverhampton. She covers areas of employability, confidence, teamwork, leadership and management. Prior to delivering the workshop Susanne carefully assesses the students’ needs to target her delivery appropriately. Having spent time in a number of workshops, it’s evident Susanne can work with any audience and can successfully lead the groups. Every year I receive excellent feedback from students who value Susanne’s training, thanking for this opportunity. Susanne is a social philanthropist, and I have no hesitation in recommending her training opportunities."

Dr Asia Alder, Senior Lecturer at University of Wolverhampton

Optimise Your Leadership Performance

Successful Change Management Starts With Transformational Leadership

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Each change project is different requiring careful planning, and we would be happy to discuss on how a particular change can be implemented successfully in your organisation. Please leave your details and one of our professional consultants will be in contact shortly.

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