workshops we deliver:

Susanne delivers interactive and thought provoking workshops that are powerfully focused on practical personal and business development. Delegates receive workbooks and resources with a variety of challenging and progressive activities that enable planning and progression towards personal and organisational goals.

DiscoverChange 1-3-day workshops focus on the following areas:

Personal & Team Development

  • Unleash Your Potential

  • Personal Branding

  • The Power of Influence

  • Creating Positive Change

Business Development

  • Accelerate Business Change & Innovation

  • Digital Transformation

  • Culture Change

  • Change Management

bespoke business change & innovation programs

Digital Transformation Project

Bespoke business development programme with the aim to powerfully advance online presence and digitalise branding and customer acquisition. This is to generate qualified prospects for the organisation. Project typically includes rebranding and done-for-you digital branding and marketing system to engage with prospects in innovative and unique ways. This includes, for example, branded and targeted website creation, automated follow-up and stakeholder engagement, digitalising induction and training, and online lead-generation systems.


Culture Change Programme

Bespoke business development programme with the aim to advance culture change, particularly through personal and team development and redesign of internal communication systems. The focus is on creating a meaningful process for monitoring personal and organisational values and progression towards common value-driven goals and targets. This includes, for example, facilitating personality and communication style analyses, team building workshops, leadership development workshops, and creating individual development plans online.


Business Change & Team Development Programme

Bespoke business development workshops and programmes tailored to facilitate organisational change and development within individuals and teams. Focus is on accelerating business change and development through a range of activities and powerfully advancing stakeholder engagement, such as communication with customers, members, employees or community. Workshops include a range of subjects from personal branding and development to change management and innovation.

"I attended DiscoverChange Ltd workshop and it was much better than I expected! I’ve attended a lot of training, but during today I actually got a lot of new ideas and innovative solutions. Also my restaurant managers feel a lot closer to me now and I understand them better. Before today I wasn’t sure how to manage them more efficiently, but now I’ve got many more strategies to use. This will be especially useful in conflict situations. I think the most beneficial part was learning how to provide developmental feedback to my staff, because I’m not that good at it.  I now know how to approach individuals and from now on I’ll be doing structured one-to-one reviews. I give full 5 stars for the facilitator Susanne and would recommend this workshop to other leaders."

// Jarmo Valtari

  CEO of Sun City Bakers

Susanne regularly delivers professional training workshops to the students of University of Wolverhampton. She covers areas of employability, confidence, teamwork, leadership and management. Prior to delivering the workshop Susanne carefully assesses the students’ needs to target her delivery appropriately. Having spent time in a number of workshops, it’s evident Susanne can work with any audience and can successfully lead the groups. Every year I receive excellent feedback from students who value Susanne’s training, thanking for this opportunity. Susanne is a social philanthropist, and I have no hesitation in recommending her training opportunities."

// Dr Asia Alder

    Senior Lecturer at University of Wolverhampton