Business Development Consulting

Bespoke and exclusive one-to-one consulting that enables the leader/business manager to immediately identify and address improvement areas. Focus is on improving stakeholder experience (e.g. customers, staff or partners) and creating immediate solutions to acquire customers or streamline ways of working.

What is Our Approach to Digital Business Development?

We have a very different and innovative approach to change management consulting - we provide the strategy, training and the system. This is to ensure that all development is highly meaningful and immediately beneficial for all stakeholders involved.


Example: An organisation is looking to improve online presence and customer engagement and provide a range of online resources and support. DiscoverChange team will accelerate this development through the following steps:


  1. Strategy: Refine the vision, mission, strategy, brand, resources available, and roles and responsibilities

  2. Training: Communicate the vision and provide necessary training and development to meet new customer service objectives

  3. System: Develop a bespoke and automated online customer acquisition process, in other words a funnel, including strategic social media marketing, value driven online content (e.g. webinar, e-book, guidance) and automated booking and membership processes.


The done-for-you systems we provide are entirely bespoke and tailored to your customers' needs, ensuring you get the best possible result with the new change initiative. Examples of these systems include creating online courses, digitalising staff induction, digitalising IAG given to customers, selling and providing services online,and more.

Business Innovation Workshop for Business Leaders

Now Available Online for Free

Susanne Virtanen, business development consultant and director of DiscoverChange, supports organisations to accelerate business change, innovation and development. In this online workshop she is sharing specific steps to create immediate positive change using a systematic approach and focusing on powerfully improving customer or stakeholder engagement.


Discover how you can accelerate your growth!

“I have been working with DiscoverChange for nearly 2 years now. DiscoverChange has helped TalentsBrand to implement so many processes in order to effect smart working as well as generating more leads thereby increasing income. Among many processes they have implemented for us are; Email marketing which was set up via mailchimp and linked it to our website. They also worked on our Facebook page ensuring we follow the right marketing strategies. They did a remarkable work on our training platform. This was created from the scratch and now we have started making sales from this platform. Another great work by DiscoverChange was the face lift out our website which now looks professional and fit for purpose. Overall, DiscoverChange are highly professional in their dealings. They are passionate about their work with great attention to details. They have always worked to ensure that the solution provided fit your business needs. I also believe that their prices are highly competitive. I will recommend DiscoverChange if you are looking to transform your business digitally with process that works.” 

—  Favour Bolaji, Personal Development Coach

Development Consists Of:

  • 1-Day Business Strategy Session

  • 90-Day Business Innovation & Action Plan

  • 3 Months 1-2-1 Business Development Support

  • Done-for-You Digital Lead Generation System

  • Email Marketing Automation (Done-for-You)

  • Sales Funnel Strategy & Implementation

  • Social Media Engagement Strategy

  • Facebook & LinkedIn Page Set-Up & Branding

  • Technical Support & Training

“Over the past few months of working with Susanne and Ed at Discover Change, I've made more progress with regards to understanding my brand and how to help my ideal clients find me than I've made in the last 6 years I've been in business! Susanne makes the branding and marketing process not only simple but also fun and I've thoroughly enjoyed my meetings and calls with her. In my experience, working with a business coach can be a bit stressful but the Discover Change experience has been completely the opposite for me and has shown me a model of working with clients that I hope to emulate with my own. If you are feeling a bit "stuck" with regards to your business, I would recommend getting in touch with Susanne without delay: unsticking businesses is definitely her speciality! Thanks guys.” 

—  Caroline Bublik, Life Coaching

5 Steps to Achieve Your Big Vision

Growing and scaling your organisation doesn't need to take years. Discover how to accelerate your business innovation and development and achieve your ambitious business vision with ultimate efficiency!

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