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Internal Quality Assurance & Employee Development in an Independent Academy

Susanne contracted at Riverside Education in a position of an Internal Quality Assurer and Tutor Trainer, focusing on improving the level of assessment and teaching. The overall aim was to increase the course offering and capacity, and thus provide the necessary support for staff in the realisation of these objectives. These included workshops for assessment, training, stress and time management.

The project involved conducting employee satisfaction and skills gap questionnaires and facilitating group workshops to address the development needs to improve the level of training and assessment. Susanne also conducted several lesson observations, followed by verbal and written feedback and targets, and she would provide regular and detailed reports to management on the progression of tutors and the organisation in terms of the level of assessment and teaching.

Our company, Riverside Education, benefited from Susanne's expertise during its inception. Susanne helped us put all systems in place on how to process exams and utilise time effectively. As a result of Susanne's support, we have doubled the size of our company. Riverside is built on a family ethos that as family members, we can disagree a lot but still maintain our unity of purpose. Susanne has helped us to realise our potential through group and individual coaching. This has resulted in our school offering 16 qualifications compared to 9 in 2015. Through Susanne's vision, our students are now experiencing a broader curriculum and are happier in school. Our staff are more confident and feel secure in their jobs. Susanne has made us realise how much we stretch and push ourselves with amazing results. We are no longer afraid to change."

Dr Abide Zenenga, Founder of Riverside Education & Special Education Needs Consultant

Susanne from DiscoverChange Ltd has been our quality assurer helping our tutors and staff develop training and assessment skills after obtaining new standards. Susanne is knowledgeable and professional and there have definitely been positive changes since we started collaborating. Susanne can deliver engaging and professional training aimed at improving work performance and she’s able to make concise recommendations to improve individuals’ professional development. The whole experience has been massively helpful. Susanne has been very thorough in the feedback that she has given, looking at all of our areas of assessment and helping us to make our assessment methods more robust. We've really valued her training of all staff and I feel that staff are better prepared to assess appropriately since Susanne's input. I would recommend Susanne to another organisation!"

Emma D, English Teacher and Head of Quality Assurance

Motivational Career Development Workshops at the University of Wolverhampton

Susanne facilitates career development workshops for management and business students of the university. Workshops and half day sessions are focused on maximising personal and professional potential, optimising the mindset, building resilience and confidence, and taking full ownership for own career progression and performance.


Susanne was recognised as the hospitality student with the highest academic achievement in 2012, and she was awarded with a first-class honours degree in International Hospitality Management by the University of Wolverhampton. She received 4 As and was recognised for her ability to strategically analyse organisations and provide cost-effective solutions in real hospitality consultancy projects.

Susanne regularly delivers professional training workshops to the students of University of Wolverhampton. She covers areas of employability, confidence, teamwork, leadership and management. Prior to delivering the workshop Susanne carefully assesses the students’ needs to target her delivery appropriately. Having spent time in a number of workshops, it’s evident Susanne can work with any audience and can successfully lead the groups. Every year I receive excellent feedback from students who value Susanne’s training, thanking for this opportunity. Susanne is a social philanthropist, and I have no hesitation in recommending her training opportunities."

Dr Asia Alder, Senior Lecturer at University of Wolverhampton

I attended Susanne's workshop and it was interesting and interactive. Before today I wasn't sure about my targets and motivational factors but now I have a better understanding of paths leading to achieve them. Sometimes it's challenging to work as per the plan, and I think that I have realised that it's only my personal loss. After today I will enjoy what I do, and I give full 5 stars to this training!"

Arzaan, Student

"Susanne’s workshop was great. Before today I want sure about my personal potential on what I can do, but now I have a better understanding of how to manage myself with challenges. Sometimes it’s challenging to figure out how to manage time, and I’ve realised that you have to go for what you planned instead of trying. The most useful part for me was developing my skills and personal development, because it’s important I know who I am and what I am capable of."

Syeda, Student

Small Business Development & Business Consulting

Susanne delivers a range of educative and motivational programs in the field of leadership and business development, both on and offline. DiscoverChange Ltd also hosts an online training platform for business owners and professionals, providing a range of online programs and workshops focused on maximising potential and performance. Workshops include mindset, leadership, branding, marketing, sales, stress management, self-development, strategic planning.

Susanne delivers public talks, 1-2-1 programs and group workshops to professionals to transform personal and business performance, and she has worked with many entrepreneurs and business owners in the development of their business structure and management. The personalised coaching approach allows the individuals to develop their character, ability and performance with a proven blueprint Susanne uses to unleash personal and professional potential.

I wanted to set up proper business processes for marketing and sales, and when working with Susanne on a 1-1 basis I was able to achieve so much in 4 months. I now have all online processes in place and I'm feeling excited that I've also delivered my first event and even got customers. Thank you Susanne and DiscoverChange!"

Favour Onabanjo, TalentsBrand, Events Management

Susanne and I have worked together a few times. I chose Susanne as my coach because I needed someone strong enough to work with my personality. She has definitely managed to hold my attention and keep me focused. She is very skilled and knowledgeable and not afraid to go deep. Highly recommend."

Shanta Allen, Life Coaching & Training

I did Susanne's 1-2-1 business development program because I wanted to get my business started but had no idea how to do it. I progressed so much in 3 months. I have set up Facebook page and advertising, email marketing, sales funnels, lead magnets, and got customers too. I would recommend this program to other entrepreneurs!"

Liam Baird, Baird Business Development, Website Design

Leadership Development at Sun City Bakers

I’ve attended a lot of seminars, but during DiscoverChange leadership development workshop I actually got a lot of new ideas and innovative solutions. My managers feel a lot closer to me now and I understand them better. Before I wasn’t sure how to manage them more effectively, but now I’ve got many more strategies to use, especially in conflict situations. It was very beneficial to learn how to provide developmental and 1-1 feedback to my staff, because I’m not that good at it. I give full 5 stars for the facilitator Susanne and would recommend this to other leaders."

Jarmo Valtari, CEO of Sun City Bakers

Susanne’s leadership development workshops are highly interactive, intellectually challenging, and the sessions are focused on unleashing full leader potential. The concepts, theories and practical activities enable leaders to develop systematic methods to motivate themselves and their team to achieve the best possible performance.


Susanne facilitated innovative leadership development for Finnish restaurant franchisees. The training was initiated by conducting leader satisfaction and skills gap surveys and informal interviews, followed by intensive workshops to address specific needs and organisational targets. Development was focused on performance management strategies and building a robust induction and staff development plan to optimise performance on the different sites.

I attended Susanne’s leadership development workshop and it was very developmental. Before today I wasn’t sure what kind of leader I am, but now I have much better self-awareness of this, which will be beneficial when managing my employees’ performance. I have lots of new strategies to motivate my employees and instead of giving solutions myself I will ask them how to solve problems. This training was very interactive and made me think!"

Julia Hakala, Restaurant Manager

Public Speaking

Susanne regularly speaks in conferences, networking events and events, and the topics include innovation in entrepreneurship, personal branding, transformational leadership, teamwork, online marketing, career development, and personal development and motivation.


Susanne has delivered talks and mini-workshops to a wide range of audiences, empowering thousands of attendees to develop resilience, confidence, mindset, and ownership for continuous improvement. She continues to receive excellent feedback regarding the ability to inspire and motivate people with her honest, reflective and positively challenging approach.

Susanne was the keynote speaker yesterday at the Birmingham Coffee & Natter business networking event I host. She was fab. The content was interesting, inspiring and thought provoking. The audience obviously loved it because they were all talking about it afterwards. Thanks Susanne!”

Ian Preston, Sales Trainer

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