Case Studies

DiscoverChange provides bespoke business development services, supporting organisations to accelerate business change, innovation and development. Here you will find some case studies of the development we've provided for a variety of organisations.

Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)

This prestigious organisation with a vast network of stakeholders is continuously evolving, and Susanne has delivered a range of personal and business development workshops to accelerate this progress. Workshops have been focused on personal change, personality advancement, transforming productivity, and effective stakeholder communication. With visits to nationwide branches, Susanne continues to receive excellent delegate feedback.

“I attended DiscoverChange Workshop about Unleash Your Potential. The session was great and I feel motivated. Before today I wasn’t sure about what the benefits would be but now, I know my personality is different than I thought. Sometimes it’s challenging for me to express myself accurately, and now I’ve realised that I can do this with intent. The most useful part for me was mini life assessment and failure cycle, because I can see what I need to change. I am determined to make that change! As a facilitator, Susanne is brilliant, interesting, intelligent and thought provoking.” 

—  Samantha Self, Faculties & Membership

Arena Racing Company (ARC)

This expanding organisation is looking to further advance customer acquisition and fulfilment, particularly after new strategy and values were created and needed to be communicated in different ways to staff. After careful needs analysis, Susanne delivered an all-day workshop to 50 staff to further enhance team collaboration, effective communication, managing stress and conflict, and taking ownership of creating positive change.

“Today’s workshop was beneficial, and I feel motivated to make a change. Before I wasn’t sure about listening to “creating positive change” but now, I know actually I should make time for me and believe in myself. The most useful part for me was evaluating my personality type, because I always question my own abilities. Now I am determined to prove to everyone that I can achieve. As a facilitator, Susanne is passionate and thought provoking.” 

—  Paula Jones, Wolves Commercial

director feedback:

"I first met Susanne at a ladies networking event in 2019 where she was guest speaker, presenting on ‘Self Brands’ amongst many other things. Everything Susanne talked about completely resonated with myself and the company I worked for and where we were at with our current status of marketing and business strategy. After speaking with Susanne, I knew she would be a great fit for a workshop that I had in mind for our marketing and sales team later that year.


After a few meet ups of planning sessions and bringing Susanne up-to-speed with our company Vision, Mission, Values and company-wide objectives…we had the workshop mapped out.

The 1-day workshop was held for 50 marketing and commercial professionals and the first covered our company objectives and the second part focused on the individuals and gave them so much learning about themselves, understanding how they work and ultimately how they could make positive changes for themselves and also for the company for the future.

Susanne is an extremely energetic and inspirational person who is great at leading workshops and engaging the team…even those who would prefer to sit back and not get involved! She presents herself well and delivers such great content that it leaves you wanting more! I received great feedback from the workshop and I will be looking to continue working with Susanne as a result of this."

Rachel White
Director of Central Marketing, Arena Racing Company