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Change Workshops

Adapt to the changing world, discover digital.


Our business development training and workshops are designed to accelerate business innovation, digital development and digital transformation. Ideal for teams and businesses to refine their strategy and develop specific areas of the business.

1-Day Workshops Include:

  • Online Branding Innovation & Development

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Online Lead Generation & Sales System

  • Transform Stakeholder Engagement

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Included in each workshop:

  • 7-hour team development workshop

  • Up to 8 delegates

  • Facilitation virtually

  • Digital training and guides

  • Workbooks and resources

  • 1-Month access to the session recording

  • 30-Day Challenge & Change Plan

Personal and business branding

Vision, mission and growth strategy

Topics Include

Social media marketing

Online lead generation

Email marketing and newsletters

Organized Desk

Online Branding Innovation & Development

1-Day Workshop - £995 + VAT

Be known as the best in your field by strategically showcasing the great value your services bring. Subtly share what great successes you have already helped people and businesses achieve. Redesign or enhance your business values and solutions and attract and impress your ideal customers with value-added solutions. Develop a fresh and exciting offer or approach to expand and grow!

Automated marketing and follow-up

Digital content creation

Topics Include

Online graphics and visual branding

Automated customer engagement

Messenger and chatbox marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy

1-Day Workshop - £995 + VAT

Strategically leverage the platforms where millions of potential buyers spend their time in. Develop informative, inspiring and engaging content with ease, efficiency and enjoyment. Automate social media posting and engagement with simple yet powerful online tools and strategies. Build an audience or community of qualified customers by becoming the source of information and inspiration for your target audience!

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Facebook advertising and analytics

Online course or training strategy

Topics Include

Sales funnels and upselling

Customer journey redesign

Stakeholder engagement and added value


Online Lead Generation & Sales System

1-Day Workshop - £995 + VAT

Give an irresistible offer or a gift to your leads and customers, get them excited or curious, and steer them into trying or buying your products or services online. Strategically share information with your customer that has a positive impact on their buying decision and enable closing deals 24/7. This powerful strategy and system provide limitless scalability potential and it can be fully automated!

Transform Stakeholder Engagement

1-Day Workshop - £995 + VAT

Redesign or elevate the quality of your stakeholder journey, whether it is customers, employees, partners or volunteers. Design a strategy to add value and positive experiences to customer interactions with automated processes, such as digital resources, inspiring and informative content, and unique support solutions. Provide clear, concise and confident communication to your target audience and take them on a journey! Bring people and processes together, and become known as the best business to buy from.

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Workshop Format:

✓ Introduction and Brainstorming

✓ Team Activity

✓ Strategic Process Design

✓ Practical Training & Implementation

✓ Change Plan (30-Day Challenge)

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