Digital Business Transformation

Design, streamline and automate customer acquisition and fulfilment with highly efficient and modern methods. Includes the creation of done-for-you digital processes or systems that enable engaging with your internal or external customers, for example online lead-generation or digitalised staff induction and development program.

Digital Education Platform

Having a digital education platform is a great way to offer added value to your customers, streamline and automate marketing and sales, sell limitless amounts of products and scale and grow your business with ultimate efficiency. We can design a bespoke platform tailored to engage with your target market.

What is Our Approach to Digital Business Development?

We have a very different and innovative approach to change management consulting - we provide the strategy, training and the system. This is to ensure that all development is highly meaningful and immediately beneficial for all stakeholders involved.


Example: An organisation is looking to improve online presence and customer engagement and provide a range of online resources and support. DiscoverChange team will accelerate this development through the following steps:


  1. Strategy: Refine the vision, mission, strategy, brand, resources available, and roles and responsibilities

  2. Training: Communicate the vision and provide necessary training and development to meet new customer service objectives

  3. System: Develop a bespoke and automated online customer acquisition process, in other words a funnel, including strategic social media marketing, value driven online content (e.g. webinar, e-book, guidance) and automated booking and membership processes.


The done-for-you systems we provide are entirely bespoke and tailored to your customers' needs, ensuring you get the best possible result with the new change initiative. Examples of these systems include creating online courses, digitalising staff induction, digitalising IAG given to customers, selling and providing services online,and more.

Business Innovation Workshop for Business Leaders

Now Available Online for Free

Susanne Virtanen, business development consultant and director of DiscoverChange, supports organisations to accelerate business change, innovation and development. In this online workshop she is sharing specific steps to create immediate positive change using a systematic approach and focusing on powerfully improving customer or stakeholder engagement.

"The team at our educational charity called EmployabilityUK were looking to develop an online tool to better support our learners on their journey to employment and also provide resources and information to our existing volunteers. Susanne and Ed put together a clear strategy on how this would be done and kept us involved throughout the development journey, with regular feedback throughout. It has been a fantastic experience working with the DiscoverChange team and the completed project reflects the vision we had for the Portal. Di Vernon, the CEO, said “We would highly recommend DiscoverChange to any business organisation looking to develop their online platforms. They completely understand the brief and deliver a fantastic end product."​

—  EmployabilityUK 

Development Consists Of:

  • 1-Day Business Strategy Session (Leader or Team)

  • 90-Day Business Innovation & Action Plan

  • Done-for-You Digital Lead Generation System

  • Done-for-You Online Education Platform

  • Automated Marketing & Sales System

  • Automated Fulfilment & Membership

  • Email Marketing Automation (Done-for-You)

  • Social Media Engagement Strategy

  • Facebook & LinkedIn Page Set-Up & Branding

  • Technical Support & Training

"I’d highly recommend this business development programme for others. I’ve had the idea of my networking business concept for a while but I didn’t know how to commercialise it. I attended Susanne’s branding and digital marketing workshop; it blew my mind and could see how passionate she is about helping individual businesses. So now having worked with DiscoverChange, I’ve organised numerous events and I have my website and a membership platform for subscription, meaning my business is now scalable, even to become nationwide! That means I can help many more HR directors and consequently their employees. It’s been really useful to have our regular meetings and phone calls and how you really understand my business. I don’t think I would have had the traction and success without DiscoverChange, thank you!" 

—  Sarah Potter, Director of Peer Genius

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