Leader & Team Development

DiscoverChange workshops are described as highly motivational, productive and interactive, enabling delegates to make immediate personal and professional progress. With personalised workbooks and multiple resources, workshops are focused on accelerating business change and resolving current challenges or limitations.

"I first met Susanne at a ladies networking event in 2019 where she was guest speaker, presenting on ‘Self Brands’ amongst many other things. Everything Susanne talked about completely resonated with myself and the company I worked for and where we were at with our current status of marketing and business strategy. After speaking with Susanne, I knew she would be a great fit for a workshop that I had in mind for our marketing and sales team later that year. After a few meet ups of planning sessions and bringing Susanne up-to-speed with our company Vision, Mission, Values and company-wide objectives…we had the workshop mapped out.

The 1-day workshop was held for 50 marketing and commercial professionals and the first covered our company objectives and the second part focused on the individuals and gave them so much learning about themselves, understanding how they work and ultimately how they could make positive changes for themselves and also for the company for the future. Susanne is an extremely energetic and inspirational person who is great at leading workshops and engaging the team…even those who would prefer to sit back and not get involved! She presents herself well and delivers such great content that it leaves you wanting more! I received great feedback from the workshop and I will be looking to continue working with Susanne as a result of this."​

—  Rachel White, Director of Central Marketing

Arena Racing Company

Innovative & Practical Workshops

Susanne Virtanen delivers interactive and thought-provoking workshops that are powerfully focused on practical personal and business development. Delegates receive workbooks and resources with a variety of challenging and progressive activities that enable planning and progression towards personal and organisational goals. All sessions are particularly tailored to achieve specific organisational objectives planned beforehand.

DiscoverChange 1-3-day workshops focus on the following areas:

Personal & Team Development

  • Unleash Your Potential

  • Personal Branding

  • The Power of Influence

  • Creating Positive Change

Business Development

  • Accelerate Business Change & Innovation

  • Digital Transformation

  • Culture Change

  • Change Management

"I attended DiscoverChange Ltd workshop and it was much better than I expected! I’ve attended a lot of training, but during today I actually got a lot of new ideas and innovative solutions. Also my restaurant managers feel a lot closer to me now and I understand them better. Before today I wasn’t sure how to manage them more efficiently, but now I’ve got many more strategies to use. This will be especially useful in conflict situations. I think the most beneficial part was learning how to provide developmental feedback to my staff, because I’m not that good at it.  I now know how to approach individuals and from now on I’ll be doing structured one-to-one reviews. I give full 5 stars for the facilitator Susanne and would recommend this workshop to other leaders."

—  Jarmo Valtari, Sun City Bakers

What is Change Management?

Change management is a term used to describe how a new initiative or improvement is created and implemented in an organisation. A key requirement for successful change management consists of understanding the emotional journey people go through, and managing the stakeholder journey and experience is vital for growth and longevity. 

Discover more about change management, why and when it's important, and how you can implement positive change - starting today.

Business Innovation Workshop for Business Leaders

Now Available Online for Free

Susanne Virtanen, business development consultant and director of DiscoverChange, supports organisations to accelerate business change, innovation and development. In this online workshop she is sharing specific steps to create immediate positive change using a systematic approach and focusing on powerfully improving customer or stakeholder engagement.