Bespoke and exclusive consulting that enables the leader/business manager to immediately identify and address improvement areas. Focus is on improving stakeholder experience (e.g. customers, staff or partners) and creating immediate solutions to acquire customers or streamline ways of working.


We provide bespoke business development consulting and digital solutions:

Business Development Consulting

Digital Business Transformation

Change Management Consulting

Leader & Team Development



Design, streamline and automate customer acquisition and fulfilment with highly efficient and modern methods. Includes the creation of done-for-you digital processes or systems that enable engaging with your internal or external customers, for example online lead-generation or digitalised staff induction and development program.



Susanne Virtanen is a qualified change manager and trainer and her innovative approach enables an organisation to create immediate and long-term solutions and implement changes highly efficiently. Using innovative tools, such as personality tests and interactive workshops, bespoke programmes are tailored to create positive change within individuals, teams and the organisation.



DiscoverChange workshops are described as highly motivational, productive and interactive, enabling delegates to make immediate personal and professional progress. With personalised workbooks and multiple resources, workshops are focused on accelerating business change and resolving current challenges or limitations.